Meet the Chefs

It all started with travel. The exposure to diverse world cultures and cuisines brought the inspiration. The drive and the passion were already there; so, with all the key ingredients in place, the Ammos culinary journey was born.

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Inspired by Travel

Once upon a time, a passionate Cypriot foodie traveller living in Miami started dreaming of returning home to open a beachside restaurant inspired by extensive travels through Latin America, yet with a distinctly Mediterranean taste of home – and so, the Ammos culinary journey was born.

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Sourcing Local Ingredients

It all begins with a focus on sourcing top quality, fresh local produce directly from the farmers – think potatoes straight from the ground at the nearby ‘Red Villages’, or extra virgin olive oil from a trusted local producer in Mazotos village. Delivered every day, from farm to table, guaranteeing the freshest flavours around.

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A Fusion of Flavours

The Ammos gastronomic experience is inspired by our explorations through the world’s international cuisines. So in turn, we want our menu to take you on a journey; influenced by the fresh flavours and health benefits of the Mediterranean, but with a twist of vibrant Latin America and a dash of alluring Asia.

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Continuous Evolution

And the recipe works. Ammos’ popularity is testament to the quality of food – but standing still isn’t our vibe. So our chefs regularly attend international seminars and trainings, infusing the ever-evolving menu with creative flair and innovation and always keeping us ahead of the trends.


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At Ammos, we don’t follow trends. We create them. Just check out our exciting menu for proof – Fresh, local ingredients, passionately assembled by talented chefs, to create an explosion of tastes that will take you on an epicurean adventure around the world.